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About the Delaware Valley Ridge Riders

The Delaware Valley Ridge Riders were founded in the late 1960's in Delaware County. We are proud members of the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA). Delaware County is a host for over 350 miles of New York State corridor trails, and our club maintains over 70 of these trails!

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Our club is a steward for two New York State parks; Delaware Wild Forest (Campbell Mountain) and the Bear Spring Mountain Game Management. Trail C2 will lead you through both of these parks with numerous secondary trails for your touring enjoyment.

Bear Spring Mountain is one of the best kept secrets in the Catskill Forest Preserve. It is typical for these trails to have a snow depth of at least 18-25 inches, even when there is no snow at lower elevations. The trails on Bear Spring Mountain will have you riding through the scenic Catskills at an elevation of 2,600 feet! This area is a snowmobile haven, sometimes referred to as a "Mini Tug Hill". These trails are very wide, full of adventure, and very well maintained by our club volunteers. While you are here, please be sure to sign in at the brown boxes in the State Parks!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

The town of Downsville provides gas, food, lodging, and services to connector trails and neighboring clubs. We hold several club events throughout the season, including club rides, poker runs, and snow drag races. After a long day of riding our trails, why wouldn't you want to stay a while longer?!

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Please be sure to follow the rules and regulations of the trails. Landowner complaints and loud exhausts on sleds can ruin riding for everyone! Please be sure to be respectful of all trails and laws - We need mutual respect with our landowners in order to keep building up our trail system!

This has become a huge issue in the past few years and we have a few “last chance landowners” - They will allow us this year to prove that riders can be quiet and respectful on their land, or we will lose our privilege to ride there For good. Don’t let speeding or loud sleds be the reason EVERYONE loses the trail. One piece of a landowner’s property could be the vital piece that connects to major trail systems!


We hope to see you at an upcoming club event!

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Why Join A Club?

Join the DVRR Snowmobile Club

Join the DVRR Snowmobile Club

There are so many reasons to join a snowmobile club in NYS - And who doesn't love PERKS! Find out about the benefits of becoming a member of our club below.


Join the DVRR Snowmobile Club

Join the DVRR Snowmobile Club

Join the DVRR Snowmobile Club

What's not to love?!

Click "Join The Club Now" to sign up or renew your membership as a valued member of the Delaware Valley Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club.


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Join the DVRR Snowmobile Club

Register Your Sled

Click on this helpful link in order to register your snowmobiles in New York State.

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Trail Maps

The Delaware Valley Ridge Riders have trail maps for sale at The Old Schoolhouse Inn and Restaurant. Riders can also receive a map by mail by sending a check for $6.00 made out to the DVRR Snowmobile Club.

Free parking is available at various places throughout the trails:

Route 206 Pull-Off: 42.131214, -75.062053

Beers Brook Road:  42.132511, -75.081344

East Trout Brook Road: 42.114844, -75.065514

Covered Bridge Park:  42.076572, -74.991538

Campbell Mountain Parking: 42.039005, -74.929174 

The Old Schoolhouse Inn & Restaurant: 28218 State Route 206 Downsville, NY 13755


What's the Weather Like?

Click here for a link to the weather in Downsville, NY - Home of the Delaware Valley Ridge Riders.


We Need Your Help!

Our trails don't maintain themselves!

Thanks to the help of our club's volunteers, we have amazing trails here in the Catskills. They work year-round to clean trails, put up signs, and build bridges. Our club can use all of the help we can get! If you are interested in getting involved with trail maintenance, e-mail us at DVRRSnowClub@gmail.com for more information. Support your sport, and take pride in knowing that you have helped your club maintain these amazing snowmobile routes!


If you are interested in breaking trails after heavy snowfall, this would be a huge help to our club’s groomers! If your group of riders has been out/plans on going out to break trails, please email Tom and Dayette (two of our awesome grooming volunteers), at snomoette@citlink.net. Let them know when and where there will be a group breaking trails. If there are major issues, please let them know which trails need heavy clearing, and the club will schedule a work bee. If there are small branches in the way, please safely remove them. By breaking trails for our small groomer, everyone can enjoy them sooner once they are groomed. Thank you for your help!


Download our club application and other important documents! 

You can print them out at home and mail them to:

DVRR - PO Box 296 - Downsville, NY 13755

*Please include the membership fee in check or money order form.

Contact Us

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Better yet - see us in person!

Attend monthly meetings to meet with our officers and other active members in our club. We would love to hear your amazing ideas to make the upcoming snowmobile season a success. Get involved - Support your sport!


President - Julie Markert

Vice President - Andrew Mattson

Secretary - Elinor Hood

Treasurer - Lisa Peaster

Free Parking - Old Schoolhouse Inn and Restaurant

28218 State Highway 206, Downsville, New York 13755, United States



DVRR Snowmobile Club

PO Box 296

Downsville, NY 13755